Sunday, 31 December 2006

Mission Beach Backpackers Lodge, Queensland, Australia

Now called 'Absolute Backpackers' this was (hopefully still is) a gem of a hostel away from the hustle n' bustle of Cairns. I booked in for 1 night back in 1992 and ended up staying and eventually working for about 6 weeks and came back again for another few weeks later on. Maybe it was just luck but there were a great bunch of people working and passing through at that time. The owners at the time were Judith & Dominic and there was a really chilled out vibe about the place which might have had something to do with copious amounts of alcohol, drinking games & visits to the turkeys nest for a smoke n' a chat. For two hours 'work' a day you got free room n' board and the pub was right across the road and amazing beach with palm trees just down the road. This was definitely one of those great cheap holiday deals. Dunk Island was close by and trips to the great barrier reef also left from here. If you worked or passed thru it would be great to hear some stories / experiences

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