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Raheny Village, Dublin 5, Ireland

I was born n' bred here and it has some great ol' memories. I went to St Assams then St Pauls, Sybil Hill. My sister went to Manor House just down the road. I went to the Grove Social Club at weekends which was the same hall as I went to gym in school on a Monday morning - yeuch! Also went to the Cricket club in Clontarf

I drank in the Cedars Lounge for the most part but also went to the Green Dolphin now the Watermill. I frequented The Inn and The Station House which used to be called The Manhattan. Then there was Foxhounds and The Old Sheiling Hotel.

Macari's chipper was the regular stop off (a Godsend!) on the way home for a snack box - yummy! The chips were bleedin' deadly! ah the memories!

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St Pauls College, Sybil Hill, Raheny, Dublin - Class of 1985

I have to admit, for the most part, I did enjoy the experience of attending St Paul's secondary school back in 1979 - 1985.
There was also the strange experience of the weekend social activities being tied to the school, as a lot of us went to 'The Grove' on Saturdays and many a flaggin' was imbibed just before passing the bouncers on the door. (look straight ahead - don't make eye contact!) If you there at the time and have any memories to share why not post them here or upload a old photo or 2?

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College of Commerce, Rathmines, Dublin, AAT 1988

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So there were a good ol' bunch o' peeps in the EU sponspored course way back then. I still can't believe we got paid per class to go to college, not that that helped my attendance record much. I thinked I learned more about drinking and pool/snooker/cards than I did accountancy. The binges in 'The Lancer' were great (although the place was a dive) and I'm still recovering from 'rag week'. Share the good ol' times here and post an ol' message or upload a photo here. This was a holiday camp if ever there was one.  I suppose you enjoyed your Late Holidays too?

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Location: Rathmines Road, Dublin, Ireland

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