Sunday, 28 October 2007

Cerca Tafí del Valle

Tafí del Valle is a small (touristy) town nestled in a valley and has several interesting day trips close by (see below).
Last nights highlight certainly wasn't the food but as we sat out for a beer at dusk and saw a gaucho in full tradional garb, meander down the main street on his horse, completely ossified drunk and swaying back n' forth in the saddle. How he did'nt end up arse backways on the street is still a mystery.
We visited Esatncia Las Carerras which is reknowned for its cheese production and El Mollar where you find Los Menhires (ancient standing stones). Quilmes (no, not the beer) the pre-Incan ruins are next on the itinery. Speaking of beer, they have some impressive local beers here (cervezas arteseñales) like the microbrewries in the States which are really good and a welcome respite from the otherwise bland popular brands like Norte.


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