Friday, 26 October 2007

Parque Ischigualasto & Talampaya

Both of these national parks are impressive in their own right and within a few hours of each other. Parque Ischigualasto (a.k.a. Valley of the moon) has unusual non earth-like landscapes and is renowned for dinasaur fossils - best light/photos in the p.m.
Parque Talampaya which was privatised by the gangster X - president Memem (who and makes Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern look like Mother Teresa) has massive sheer red cliffs & strange rock formations & rock drawings thousands of years old. - best light/photos in the a.m.
Based on the quotes we'd been given for entrance fees etc, we calculated we had just about enough for lunch and would probably find an atm or pay the entrance or lunch by credit card. We thought WRONG! After entrance fees, we ended up with 5 pesos to spare and no way to get lunch or more importantly, to the next destination, Villa Union, 70kms north, so we had to plead with the park rangers to give us a freebie lift, which thankfully (although against reglations, blah, blah, blah!) they did. As I write this, we are on route to Rioja city and then on to the Province of Tucaman (400kms north).


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