Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Punilla Valley

19Kms North of La Falda (famous for its cuckoo clock) is the small town of La Cumbre where you can take a short wee hike to a statue of Christ where you have an impressive view for miles around. There's also a lavendar plantation and parapunting and hang gliding if you're feeling adventurous.
A little further north is Los Cocos where you can take a chair lift to the summit for another panoramic view and for 3 pesos more you can descend half the way on a sled via a winding concrete track which definitely worth it. Another highlight here is the maze/labyrinth which almost seems impossible but is do-able.
Last night we did an over nighter from La Falda to San Juan but unfortunately we made a slight miscalculation about the route to Chile as the crossing we wanted to take west of San Jose de Jáchal (note to self - buy a better guide book) is closed due to ice except in summer. Now we're heading to a more southern crossing via Mendoza to Los Andes..


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