Saturday, 27 October 2007


After an overnight bus, we arrived at Tucamán at 9am and after the double espresso kick started my brain into gear we went exploring. Due to several bad hair days, brought on by sleeping on buses and extreme heat, I decided to get my hair chopped and the hairdresser went full throttle with the scissors, so I don't think I'll have any styling probs with the bit that's left.
Tucaman is where they signed the declaration of independence from Spain in 1916 and there are several interesting buildings around the main square (Plaza Indepedencia) including Casa de Gobierno (Government House) where no less than the Governers own interpretor gave us a personal guided tour in English. She recounted being mocked by a barman in Dublin for drinking Coke at the bar (proper order too!) Since everything closes from 1 to 4pm for siesta we headed on to the small town of Tafí del Valle (105 kms north) where we'll spend the next few days and more importantly, finally take a shower!


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