Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Back to Buenos Aires & Trip Recap

We looked at the guide book for the highlights on route from Iguazú back to Buenos Aires but compared to what we’d already seen, they were few and far between, so we decided to finish on the high note of the falls and head straight back to the capital.

We got on a ‘cama’ (bed) bus which is supposed to be the most comfortable with DVD’s, fully reclining seats and a steward to serve meals including wine. This was going to stand us in good stead, considering the 18 hour journey ahead. However, it wasn’t long until we noticed the air-con wasn’t working properly and everybody was shifting around in their seats in sweaty discomfort.

To make a long story short, despite numerous protests and a near riot onboard and despite being promised the air-con would be fixed or we’d get a change of bus, we had to endure the 18 hours with no air-con in hot, humid, stifling conditions, but, we made it. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and after more than five weeks on the road and more than six thousand Kms on the clock as the crow flies and closer to nine thousand Kms on those winding roads, crossing five international borders (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil), it was good to be back in B.A. and more importantly, off long distance buses (for a while).

In retrospect, much of the north of Argentina (where we spent most of the trip) is still very under developed for tourism which is both a blessing and curse. It’s much cheaper than visiting the south of Argentina (Bariloche, Patagonia etc) which is almost over developed and in my opinion over priced. The diversity of the scenery in the north is immense and spectacular. The people in the north seem somewhat reserved and in some cases detached. It’s almost as if they haven’t made the connection that their Porteño and southern cousins definitely have and that is
happy tourists equals more tourists equals better economy. If you’re coming here with pounds, euros or dollars, then your money will go a long way and your only problem will be allocating enough time to see as much as possible. Anyway, although the road trip may be over, but the adventure continues, so stay tuned.

Journey Kms
Buenos Aires to Cordoba 641
Cordoba to San Juan 413
San Juan to Mendoza 152
Mendoza to Vilparaiso 260
Vilparaiso to Mendoza 260
Mendoza to San Juan 152
San Juan to Tucuman 616
Tucuman to Salta 226
Salta to Villazon 573
Villazon to Potosi 379
Potosi to Sucre 78
Sucre to Santa Cruz 302
Santa Cruz to Asuncion 873
Asuncion to Foz 311
Foz to Buenos Aires 1075

Total Distance as the crow flies 6311


Patricia November 27, 2007 11:02 am  

Enda, I was having a good laugh with your tales. what a great writer you are! I hope you are both having a quieter time now, but on the other hand knowing claudia, I wouldn't be so sure. anyhow, will call you soon, and keep the stories coming!!!

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