Thursday, 1 November 2007

Cafayate to Cachi

It was only nine pesos for the two and a half hour bus journey to Angastaco but in 35 celcius heat in a rickety old rust bucket of a bus with no air conditioning and on an unpaved road, it sure was no picnic.
The potential to hitch a ride was slim to none so we had to go door to door with anybody who had a car outside and ask if they could drive us the 3 hours to Cachi. Eventually we haggled a ride for 3 of us for 120 pesos in a small car with no AC, so had the windows open. This part of the country is incredibly dry and we got completed covered in dust which was whipped up on the dirt road by what looked like mini tornadoes.
Our journey was made all the more exciting by the fact that our driver was falling asleep and was chewing ferociously on cocoa leaves to give himself a wee boost. This was a tad unsettling considering we were going around cliff hanger hairpin bends, but the scenery was fantastic.


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