Sunday, 4 November 2007

Tilcara & Humauaca

You can definitely feel the altitude in these parts. Any sort of exercise leaves you a bit ligt headed. Every time the bus stops for a break, everybody body spits out their cocoa leaves like spittin' bakky in a cowboy movie.
The small town of Tilcara has pre-Incan ruins of a fortress now restored but not as impressive as Quilmes ruins. One hour north is another small town called Humauaca which was almost completely closed when we arrived, due to a public holiday but we eventually found a place to stay for the night.
The holiday was for 'All Souls Day' or 'Day of the Dead' where the locals parade thru the streets and bring flowers to the cemetaries and lay out food for the souls of dead relatives. It's believed that the souls that haven't yet made it to heaven can pass thru the pearly gates on this day.
It's so dry and arid here that there is dust evrywhere. One minute you're walking down the street and it's perfectly calm. The next minute the wind picks up and in a flurry, you're baptised in dust from head to toe. You can even feel your nose tingle with amount dust you're inhaling.


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