Tuesday, 1 January 2008

FELíZ 2008

I played 27 holes of golf on December 30th in a beautiful course called Olivos which is one of the top courses in the country ( www.olivosgolf.com.ar ) about 30kms outside of city (Capital Federal). It was ridiculously hot and humid, but we persevered in the mid afternoon sun and although my golf was not exactly top notch, it was nonetheless a great day. There was a large water trap on the 15th hole (probably the signature hole on the course) where a entrepreneurial young lad waited patiently for folks to hit their ball in the water, where he would retrieve it for a fee. Not wanting to deprive the poor lad of a few pesos, I cooperated by sinking not one but two balls in the water while notching up a score of ten on that one hole.

New Years Eve brought the hottest day of the year in B.A. and there was even a partial blackout/power cut in some areas most likely due to the drain on the power grid from everyone cranking up the air-con. The timing wasn't too good as most people were in the middle of dinner and waiting to do the countdown to the stroke of midnight. Luckily we weren't affected by the outage and welcomed in the new year in the inlaws apartment where we ended up doing an impromptu karaoke session till 5am.


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