Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What can a 4 x 4 really do?

Don't try this at home

In 'deep water'

Bright side of the road

Driver bails out and leaves passengers to fend for themselves.

Lives to fight another day

There are lot's of overland excursions available in Ushuaia and many, many boat trips to penguin colonies, glaciers and the like, but there is a highly recommended option to go off road in a Landrover to visit some beautiful lakes about 35kms from the centre of the city.

The trip takes you on some rough terrain where the car seems like it will tip over any minute but somehow doesn't and you make a few stops for photos including a lake and then proceed to drive into the lake (yes these cars rock!), where the jeep skirts the shoreline before ending up at a stop off for a short hike where a parrilla (BBQ) is awaiting you.

One of the highlights is when you're heading down a particularly rough stretch of road, the drivers hops out and leaves the car in first gear to navigate .....autopilot, guided by the mud track, while he chats nonchalantly with another driver.
The company is called Canal (http://www.canalfun.com) - definitely a step up from the blue rinse crew on / off the bus experience.


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