Thursday, 29 April 2010


Would you eat crisps out of her knickers? This is a fairly clever and raunchy advertising campaign for Irish Hunky Dory Crisps (potato chips). I went to a rugby school but the players never looked anything like this (might have had something to do with the fact it was an all boys school run by priests)

Hunky Dory Crisps

More photos in slideshow below

Apparently the ad campaign has come under fire for being a bit too provocative.  The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) said "This advertising campaign is in very bad taste and one which the IRFU would not want to be associated with in any way,"

Cheers to Diarmuidh for bringing this story to my attention

Now answer the question in the photo below!

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Friday, 23 April 2010

NEWSFLASH! Goodbye and Farewell to Hong Kong :-((

Her: Thank you for agreeing to the interview on such short notice

Me: I actually told my publicist I would only let you interview me if you were naked?

Her: That is NOT going to happen

Me: Do you mind if .... eh..can I get naked?

Her: Yes...No... What?

Me: Does no mean yes?

Her: No. Nobody is getting naked - OK! Now can we  move on?

Me: {sigh}

Her: Is it true you are leaving Hong Kong?

Me: Yes, the rumours are true

Her: Why?

Me: I've been offered a job abroad

Her: When do you leave?

Me: I leave in a few weeks

Her: You're married right? What does your wife think about the move?

Me: Yes - she is very excited - It's the start of a new adventure.

Her: You seem to have had a quite few adventures - isn't it time to settle down?

Me: Yes - that's the plan - we're both weary of the travels so this move will be the last for quite some least that's the plan

Her: Will there be a big leaving party?

Me: I personally hate big organised send offs - long goodbyes etc so nothing structured - Lets just say I will be in Lan Kwai Fong on Saturday May 15th at 9pm - If anybody wants to drop by and say cheerio then that's splendid.

Her: How will they know how to find you?

Me: Easy - I'll have my mobile (with email) and I will be the drunkest person there

Her: err.. that sounds a little scarey?

Me:  Be Afraid my dear. Be Very Afraid!  It's also my birthday so I'll be twice as drunk as usual

Her: eh.. moving along....What will you miss the most about Hong Kong?

Me: Hiking - click [here] - Some of the trails here are stunningly beautiful. For example, today when you suckers were working I was hiking [here] - If you listen carefully there's a subliminal message just about audible (turn up the volume)

Her: Wait, so you don't work? How long have you been in Hong Kong and what have you been doing?

Me: I've been here just over a year.  I've been sort of 'in between' jobs for a while now. A victim of the Global Financial WhatYamaThingy.  I haven't been a complete bum mind you. I've done some complex server relocation work which has taken me to Beijing and New Jersey and more recently I've been dabbling as a social media consultant for a Spanish travel agent setting up their online presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and their blog.

Her: Oh 'Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr' - you should make a jingle out of that.  How did you get involved with social media?

Me: Well I've been blogging and tweeting for a few years and recently I started this Facebook page with 1 fan (me) and thru a little creativity it now has quite a few more - Click here to see how many.  If I could have duplicated that for other people/brands, I'd be a rich man but unfortunately it's not that easy.

Her: I understand your in-laws are visiting and staying with you right now? Is it true they threatened to move in permanently if you didn't stop being a bum?

Me: WTF? - How did you know that?

Her: We hacked your Facebook account - sorry!

Me:  Sh!t - Mother Frickin' Son of a .......{sigh} - No comment - next question

Her: What will you miss the least about Hong Kong?

Me: Apart from hackers? - Pollution. It's gotten really bad recently and there are weeks that go by when you don't see the sky for the haze of smog that blows in from the factories in mainland China. Shame really but the Motherland is in full production mode and we are down wind.

Her: What will you take away from this year in Asia?

Me: I feel lucky to have explored most of South East Asia even if some of it was on 24 hour vomit stinky buses. I love to travel and so managed to tick off a few more countries and met some great people and new friends along the way

Her: I almost forgot to ask. Where are you moving to?

Me: Ah glad you asked me that as I wanted to give people a heads up. Well we are actually relocating to....

Her: ...Oh sorry, we've actually run out of time but thanks again for joining us....and now back to Greg in the studio.

[ be Continued]

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Food Mathematics for Dummies

Cooking can be time consuming.  All that prep time, washing, chopping, slicing, boiling, roasting, frying and simmering. After all that it gets eaten in a just a few minutes and tomorrow you have to do all the prep again.  Fast food or take out is tempting but not recommended .  I like to cook once every two weeks but eat a home cooked meal every night. This is my 'fried' and tested formula. Watch and Learn!

[2 Kgs Lean Minced Beef] 
[2 x Large Onions (Diced)] 
[2Ltrs Tomato sauce] 
[Seasoning (lots)]
[Heat it all in a large saucepan] 

= [Monday - Spaghetti Bolognaise]
+ [Tuesday - Chilli con Carne (add baked beans)]
+ [Wednesday - Penne Pasta & meat sauce]
+ [Thursday - Chilli Hot Dog]
+ [Friday - Baked Potato with Chilli] 
+ [Saturday  -  Chilli with toast]
+ [Sunday  -  This]
+ (if Pepto doesn't work take a swig of this)
= [Next week - Monday-Sunday - Salad]

[Repeat as necessary]

So what do you cook and how often?

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

He IS the 'ONE' they've been waiting for!

Swedish people - gotta love 'em......I know I do!
 Paddy in BA gets some Swedish Love (see vid below)!

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Rule #1 - 3 Strikes - I'm Out :-((

Damn it! - They had me at rule #1

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