Friday, 24 September 2010


Apparently a Facebook Group (click here) I set up in 2007 - 'Dunnes Stores - Northside Shopping Centre, Coolock, Dublin', where I slaved for years as a teenager and beyond, suddenly has "content that infringes or otherwise violates the rights of a third party." WTF?!!

Is it Dunnes Stores concerned their logo was being used irreverently? Is it a disgruntled eejit who was or wasn't included? Who the feck knows! 

As a result the Facebook Gestapo have zapped the entire thing. The group had over one hundred people, loads of photos and good banter. Thankfully it achieved it's objective and reconnected lots of people who partied like rock stars on minimum wage many moons ago.  Supposedly, I can dispute and argue my case via email but I'm not holding my breath.

To the "violated third party" -  As they say in Asia - "Fuck the 18 generations of your ancestors!" - (Cao ni zu zong shi ba dai)!

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jesus is following me on Twitter

I haven't exactly been full throttle on Twitter since I signed up a few years ago. The problem is I'm not always sure what to twit about.  Are people really interested in knowing - .... I'm having a ham sandwich! - or - ......I'm constipated!.... or other fascinating personal details -  I know I'm not interested in Facebook 'friends' who need to share their 'FARMVILLE' adventures and need my help to rescue a frikin' imaginary black sheep or even worse read the answers to a quiz they took about ME - WTF!

So you can just imagine my surprise to discover the man upstairs (Jesus) is now following me on Twitter.  Some of you will recall my altercation with the Holy One many years ago [click here for a recap], so I'm delighted to be back in favour.  He doesn't seem to be too popular yet so I suspect he might be just using me to get to my friends/followers. So my question to you is...Should I follow Jesus back or risk being damned to the fiery depths of Hell? If I don't follow him and he unfollows me - what then? Advice?

Jesus (@Jaezuzz) is now following your tweets (@quickroute) on Twitter.

I'm walkin' on water y'all

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Memories from the Eighties - Amster-Van-Damn!

Back in 1989 when I was a Paddy in UK (London), I escaped for the long weekend with a bunch of lads (Sten, Podge, Mick, Tony and me) to Amsterdam. In those days there were no budget airlines for cheap flights.  There were no web portals like Expedia for booking hotels n' what not. Be-Jaezuz, sure the feckin' Internet of interconnecting tubes thingy hadn't even been invented yet. The 'youth of today' (never thought I'd use that expression) don't know how feckin' easy they have it.  

So off we set on a Friday evening with no advance reservations for travel or accommodation. We hopped on the tube from Colindale to Victoria, train to Dover, then hovercraft to Calais, and finally a train to Amsterdam where we alighted and walked to a tourist office to secure our bed for the night.

We were just a tad pissed off to find out there wasn't a single room to be had due a Dutch holiday with people from the far corners of Holland descending on the city.  It was getting late and we figured we were losing valuable drinking time so we put our bags in the train station lockers and went off on the razz (mega pub crawl).

I don't think any of us were expecting what was on offer in Amsterdam.  Ireland in the late 'eighties' was practically pre-historic in terms of conservatism and London was still under the grips of Maggie Thatcher so wasn't much better but Amsterdam, Holland was off-the-hook!

Suffice to say a good time was had by all until the very wee hours and daylight, whereupon our accommodation dilemma raised it's very ugly and by now very sore head. We trekked back to the tourist office after breakfast only to be given the same 'No room at the Inn' story and were advised to head 20kms outside Amsterdam to the city of Harlem.

On arrival at the tourist office in Harlem we were given the same bad news of "Booked Solid"  so we did what any resourceful group of extremely hungover and sleep deprived  lads would do.  We rented a Volkswagen transit van (now 11am) and drove it to a nearby car park where five of us snored up a proverbial storm (some more comfortable than others).

We availed of free showers in the train station later that evening before heading back for another wild night in Amsterdam and another vampire-like day sleep in the van.  I think the car hire company were flummoxed since the 'IN' return mileage for 2 days was exactly the same as the 'OUT'.

Cultural highlights of the weekend included an Off-Off-Broadway production of 'Moulin Rouge' and a novel artistic cinematic take of the classic 'Animal Farm'. Things to Note: Flemish pastries will literally blow your mind!
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Saturday, 4 September 2010

A plague on both your houses! I am sped.

I got about 100 email delivery failure notifications from emails I didn't send today. Talk about rejection! Still not sure exactly how/what happened but some artificial intelligence / virus got a hold of my Gmail deets and started firing off emails to everybody in my contacts list.  The ever vigilant Google gestapo eventually stopped delivering the emails and rejected them due to 'suspicious activity on my account' 

The emails had a link to some dodgy site which would download malware or a virus if you clicked on it. I have no idea how many bogus emails actually got thru to peeps and how many actually clicked on the bogus links (hopefully limited damage) but just a heads up to those of you slow to check your emails - If you a get an email from me with an obscure link - DON'T click on it!.... and if you DID click on it then you might want to see a doctor....a PC doctor that is or at least run a virus scan.

p.s. If you have an itchy rash down 'there' you should probably see a 'real' doctor but don't blame me for that.

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