Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Highlights from 2011

Positive - My teeth are in great shape.  The number of times I visited the dentist became a running joke in work (20+ visits) and I now have 3 shiney gold teeth (not a joke!) - apparently they are more durable.

Negative - I need to work 3 more years than originally planned to pay off my dentist


Positive - I am no longer dependent on public transport

Negative - I only have a bicycle


Positive - The bike only cost u$d100

Negative - The lock and 4 punctures (burst tire) have already cost me u$d300


Positive - My Dad turned 80 years old

Negative - He still kicks my arse at golf


Positive - My wife got her Green card

Negative - It was actually pink in color?


Positive - I live 2 blocks from a huge German style beerhall :-)

Negative - I live 2 blocks from a huge German style beerhall :-(

Happy New Year!

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