Sunday, 15 September 2013

Get $30 back at ShopRite when you spend $150

It's been while since I mentioned a deal / hack and in fact there haven't been too many good ones of late but there is a great AMEX promotion right now for anyone who has a ShopRite grocery store near them. The deal is as follows:

Get $30 back as a statement credit when you spend $150 or more with a registered Amex card

I used to have 9 Amex Cards so could have cleaned up with this but alas I now only have 4 cards (note your Macys co-branded Amex card will also work with this) so I will register each one and buy Amazon gift cards in store to collect my $120 statement credit (great deal for five minutes work) and don't forget small business Saturday is not too far away!   

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