Monday, 6 January 2014

United Club Pass Giveaway x 2 (Hurry!)

Update: I now realize I don't capture emails in the comment form so see updated instructions below in red - doh!
I have 2 United Club passes that expire January 31, 2014 going to the (randomly picked) lucky individual (US based only) who responds below. You need to leave your website in the comment form (URL section) or leave a comment with a reference # e.g. Bob123 and use the 'contact me' link (up top) mentioning same ref# so I can contact you for your address to send passes. Comment should say where you are flying to. Respond by 12pm EST, January 10th - good luck!

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Trip Report (+ / -) Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013

This annual year end trip was to be a a journey with a few bumps in the road, outlined as follows:

[+1] Dec 22nd - The 11 hour direct flight (economy) in AA from JFK-EZE departed on time and arrived on time

[-1] Dec 23rd - On arrival at the in-laws abode (10th floor of apartment block), the power went out (common occurrence during the brutally hot summer in BA

[+1] Power restored 4 hours later

[-1] Power goes out again 8 hours later during the night with temperature = 35C / 95F 

[+1] Dec 24th - Barely a car in sight on the 4 hour drive south to the beach town of Mar del las Pampas

[+5] Dec 24th - Dec 29 - 5 glorious days & nights by the pool / beach

[-1] Dec 30th - On return to In-laws abode in BA, yet another power outage

[-3] Dec 31st am - No water or elevator or power (remember 10th floor & now temperature = 40C / 104F

[+2] Dec 31st pm - Clean up & cool down with shower at sister-in-laws & New Years Eve celebrations with friends / family

[-1] Jan 1st - Protesters against the power cuts block the streets by burning garbage (can't say I blame them)

[-2] Jan 2nd am - The missus & I get stomach bug the day of our return flight (bedridden between visits to the potty)

[-1] Jan 2nd pm - Flight delayed 2 hours because of the forecast of snow storm Hercules

[-10] Return flight is First Class as explained 'here' and because of continuing 'squirt alert' neither wifey nor I can take advantage of the food/booze first class has to offer

[+3] First class baggage allowance is (3 x 70lbs / 32kgs) x 2 adults + 1 x 50lbs / 23kgs for the wee nipper + 3 standard carry-ons + 3 personal smaller bags - yes we maxed it all out to bring back a lot of stuff from BA left behind from this 'sabatical'  

[+10] Jan 3rd am - Lie-flat first class seats are a god-send when you are feeling like crap and the proximity and ratio (2:16) of the first class toilets are a god-send when you feel like crapping x 5 times (refer squirt alert above)

[-3] JFK closed due to snow storm Hercules means we circle for 2.5 hours

[-3] Since we a running out of fuel we are given clearance to land in Philadelphia (then maybe a bus to NYC/JFK if we were lucky)

[+3] As we commence descent to Phili, JFK opens so we alter course back to JFK - phew!

[-1] On arrival at JFK temperature is -12C / 10F and I am in t-shirt & shorts - it's kind of a tradition ;-)

[-2] Missus and I take another 2 days to fully recover

[+5] Good to be home but exhausted!

I hope your travels went more smoothly....
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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy 2014!

Greetings from hot and sunny Buenos Aires! We are visiting family for the annual Xmas - New Years vacation.  This year we escaped the power cuts in the capital and headed 400 kms south to the beach town of Mar de las Pampas for 5 nights.

It´s a very laid back place and was just what we needed to unwind.  My travels have been few and far between this year.  Parenthood, work and budget mean less time for the jet set lifestyle and hence less time and material for blogging but c'est la vie!.

Happy New Year!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chinese Market - Yangshuo, Guilin, China

This is not your typical market as Westerners would see it but is 'normal' in China. Those who disapprove of the consumption of K9 fare are forewarned to steer clear. There was a cafe beside the market serving 'fresh dog meat' but we did not partake. This topic was raised on this blog a while back here... thoughts?. 

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Pump it up!

No, this is not another rant like this one. This is simply a strange sight I saw today as I was out for a stroll near my old office. There is something weird ala science fiction-esque about it to me, but then I am a bit of a weird mad scientist me-self.
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