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What exactly is TRAVEL HACKING?

What exactly is Travel Hacking? If there is one thing better than traveling, it has to be traveling for cheap or better yet, for free. Travel hacking is about getting cheap or free flights, hotels, car rentals etc.  This is usually done by racking up miles and points from limited promotions offered by credit cards, hotels or airlines. It is also done by knowing how and when to book flights, car rentals and hotels to snag the best available prices. Most people pay the standard price / the going rate for travel. People in the know pay less, sometimes much less, sometimes nothing at all i.e. FREE!
It's no secret I have a passion for travel.  Check the 'Trip Reports' link above for some highlights.  I also have a passion for traveling on a budget. I have been traveling for over 25 years and have visited 60+ countries so far. I have managed to do this without spending a fortune.  If you want to SAVE A LOT OF MONEY on your travels then keep reading. You will need to put in a little effort and do your own homework but I promise you it's worth it and the advice I'm giving is FREE! (now that's an example of a good deal!) - Follow the steps in each article below

Step #1: Credit Cards (<-- click the link)
Step #2: The Gmail Hack
Step #3: The Foursquare Hack
Step #4: The TopGuest Hack
Step #5: Price Mistakes 
Step #9: Audience Rewards
This is a schedule detailing the points I have earned - Use the scroll bars below or click here .

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Steve,  October 20, 2013 11:10 am  

Great Blog...
Background . American expat 6 more months till permanent residency living in BA. Argentine Girlfriend..New to travel hacking....
Just some quick questions...
1. Were you able to get an Argentine Credit Card? Able to use arbitrage blue rate/miles?
2. If you had to base all travels in/out of BA, which airlines/credit cards would you use?

Personal Question
1. I'm trying to get to a wedding with my girlfriend next year may/june.. Which credit cards/strategy should I use?
2. Would you consider taking me up as a client? Cost?


Paddy in BA (Quickroute) October 20, 2013 11:16 am  

Hi Steve,

1. I did not try to get residency and so did not get an Argentine Credit card but if you are earning pesos then it's worth doing as you can at least get official fx rate minus 15% to buy stuff when you are traveling outside Argentina
2. It depends on where your home city is in USA but United and AA offer best award availability
1. see # 2 above
2. I'm only in this as a hobby with less time to devote these days but suggest you contact this guy

good luck!

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