Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Arrival - Week 1

Finally cleared up and out from London on July 19th 2007. Hopefully the series of events before I arrived weren´t an omen of things to come! Took a TAM flight from Heathrow to Buenos aires via San Paolo (which had been the scene of a disastrous crash the day before). Arrived to a surprisingly cold Buenos Aires which had been hit with snow the previous week for the first time in 90 years. I was just waiting for the plague of locusts to confirm 'the end o' the world was nigh!'

So what the hell am I doing here ya might ask? Sweet feck all actually - just felt like some time out and the time seemed right so me and the missus upped and packed and here we are.
Spent the first week here getting organised with an apartment, medical insurance, and meeting up with people. We are hopefully signing a contract for an apartment tomorrow and need to furnish the place over the weekend. Although I´ve been here many times I still can´t get over how reasonable the cost of living is and how cheap it is for eating out and the quality of the food is far better than than many capital cities in Europe . e.g.

1 dozen pastries in a bakery costs 6 pesos = $2 = £1
1 litre beer in the supermarket costs 2.5 pesos = $0.80 = £0.40
1 huge steak and fries in a good restaurant costs 25 pesos = $6 = £3
add a decent bottle of wine for 20 pesos = $7 = £3.70

All this talk of food has me peckish so must go for some comida ' Hasta luego!


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