Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dog poo here, Dog poo there, Dog poo every-f'in-where!

This topic demands a post all of its own as avoiding (sh) it is part of everyday life and you have to develop extra keen peripheral vision to guide you thru the minefield of droppings in any residential area. Unlike other cities I've lived in, where people are obliged to make sure their dog crap is either cleaned up or at least off the beaten track, the locals here (porteƱos) let their dogs crap anywhere. It only takes a lapse of attention for a split second to find yourself slip, slip, sliding away in a freshly laid K9 fudge brownie. I've 'come a crapper' twice so far and now have a theory that its not crime that deters people from walking after dark but more likely the added danger of treading in 'brown' in the 'black' of night.

Tag: Dog Poop Buenos Aires Argentina


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