Monday, 21 April 2008

Gone Fishing!

Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, Argenina

Photo: Big MoFo Fish

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It was a early start at 7:15am after a late night. I am not a social person before midday - EVER! Two fishermen arrived at the hostel and we were driven an hour out of town to a quiet beach. The maté drink (packed with caffeine) was the only saving grace.

Photo: Traditional Maté Drink

Myself and the wee bro probably wouldn't be considered the most hardy fisherman types, but since our guides were kitted out in several layers of fleece, rain gear and hats and we only had very light layers, we knew we were in for a cold ride. Truth be told, as soon as we were out on the beach it was 'freeze the balls off a brass monkey' cold!

From a total of about 3 hours freezin' our arses out on the boat, most of the fish action happened in the first 15 minutes and between us we caught about ten fish including a 10kg white salmon (photo above). I did a little fishing as a kid but rarely caught anything bigger than a goldfish, so this was a real bonus, in fact an absolute thrill!

I once got literally hooked myself as my older bro cast back and hooked me in the side of the head when we were fishing back home in Old Head in County Mayo. I had to walk 3 miles with a spinner & hook hanging outta my head to the nearest town, Louisburg and got a single stitch (probably to make sure I came back to pay later). Time to queue - Kylie Minogue music "I can't Get You Outta My Head!"

Anyway - It took about 15 minutes to reel the big blighter fish in and my arms were so tired and cramping so badly, I could barely pose for the photo, but the exhibitionist in me somehow prevailed!


Old Knudsen April 22, 2008 1:35 am  

Feel free to curse? Blood turn black skin turn blue I will curse you if you force me to, nah don't do curses since I found the Lard.

Thats no a big fish,I used to go to Patagonia and canoe through the milky way for fun. I had two elephant guns because giant guns hadn't been invented then and I'd hunt doon giants tell me have you seen any round those parts? my business went bust when the giants died out then I invested in sheep shagging in 82 on the Falkland islands but those Argies didn't want to pay, so how ya doin?

Shaunj April 22, 2008 5:30 am  

Savage looking fish. This "Mate" stuff is good booster. The missus has a turf bag full of it in the kitchen. I dont have one of the funky straws though to suck it through and end up choking on it alot.

Quickroute April 22, 2008 10:48 am  

Old Knudsen: You and your elephant guns are a legend 'round these parts and some of the indigenous people still pray to you as their god. I heard you also fathered the first sheep / human hybrid - is it true?

Shaunj: It keeps me up till all hours but makes me poo like a demon too!

Conan: A lot of people asked me that and unfortunately the answer is no - Didn't really have the time or the inclination so the 'real' fishermen took it home with them.

Queen Of Clean April 22, 2008 1:16 pm  

What is it about you boys that make you want to sit on an old freezing cold tub all day to catch something that you don't want to eat??

Now us girls have it sussed, our most enjoyable hobbies are indoors.

Well done by the way, nice fish!

Nomadic Matt April 22, 2008 4:25 pm  

I like the fish. Thanks for coming to my site. I'm not in Costa Rica at the moment, that happened a bit ago. But let me know where your going, I've gone to about 1/2 the countries in C.A.

Quickroute April 22, 2008 4:57 pm  

Queenie: I think its the old hunter gatherer gene kicking into gear!

Matt: Thanks - I'll pop back to your site with some q's as were headed to c.a. next week

Baino April 22, 2008 5:01 pm  

Now I hope that wasn't a rare Patagonian Tooth Fish! Can't keep the Taiwanese away from them here! I'm with Queeny . .what is it about boys muckin' around on boats with a long pole and a nasty hook! (the question is rhetorical)

Quickroute April 22, 2008 5:07 pm  

Baino: Thanks to you I don't have to miss the good ol' Aussie smutty sense of humour!

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