Thursday, 17 July 2008

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

How do I get to the wizard of Oz?
Answer: Different approach depending on culture and heritage.

Directions as given by a Dubliner: Keep going straight now until you get to O'Neill's pub, then make a left and keep going until you see Biddy Mulligans, make a right, then continue on past the Guinness brewery until you get to the Nags Head. He's in the house on your left beside Dicks Winebar.

Directions as given by Irish country folk: Well now let me see, you go on down this road here now and you'll see a yellow house with a rusty tractor in the garden. Just ignore that now but isn't it a shocking disgrace all the same that tractor is being let go to waste as some people just seem to have more money than sense but anyways after you get to a bridge you'll see a turn off to the left and you should just ignore that too and you keep going straight till the road ends. The wizards house is on your right hand side. I should probably warn you though it's no longer there as it burnt down 3 years ago (insurance fiddle if you ask me!) - Same fella who owns the rusty tractor is to blame!

Directions as given by a resident of Buenos Aires: First of all gringo, you need a map, but be warned that maps of Buenos Aires have North pointing East because, because.......well I'm not really sure why.

North is East?

But anyway, then you go north on Senillosa Street till you get to {"ahem mean west yes?"} ...oh yeah I forgot about the ol' compass arse backways thing for a minute, so yes west to the end and you turn right onto Chaco Street which for no apparent reason becomes Quito Street and then you go 2 blocks and make a left onto the continuation of Senillosa Street. - Huh??? - check the map below?

Grid Zig Zag Maze System (click above to see larger image)

Ah that's right, here in Argentina we like to take a continuous straight street and rename it at any given random spot e.g. Chaco to Quito. Then we like to keep the same name for a street that's not continuous e.g. 'Senillosa' and is in fact a completely different street. It's called the grid zig zag maze system.

Welcome to Buenos Aires! Anybody got GPS?
Is it any wonder people in general and postmen (I suppose they're people too) get lost here?!!!


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Megan July 18, 2008 12:09 pm  

Hilarious. The "Irish country folk" bit reminded me of that scene in The Quiet Man - "Do you see that road over there? Well don't take that one, it'll do you no good."

Xbox4NappyRash July 18, 2008 1:51 pm  

This why I don't ever go out anymore.
You can't trust no bugger for directions.

Moon,  July 18, 2008 2:17 pm  

Tom Tom is the only way, I think I have a better relationship with her than I do the wife !

Quickroute July 19, 2008 12:12 am  

@ Megan: Classic movie and pinned the Irish direction giving down to a tee!

@ Xbox: Trust nobody or ask 3 people to make sure the person you asked wasn't bullshitting - oh forget it you're right just stay indoors - its easier!

@ Moon: She has a very sexy voice Miz Navigator - I'm sure she does phone sex for exorbitant rates!

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