Saturday, 14 April 2012

Travel Hacking - Tip #6 - Never Take No for an Answer

I applied last week for the Chase Freedom credit card which had a limited offer (the best I have seen for this card) for 35,000 points or u$d350 cash back bonus after spending just u$d500 within 3 months.  That means you buy u$d500 of stuff you were going to buy anyway and you get u$d350 of a refund.  i.e. easy money for nothing!

It offers exceptional bonus opportunities on it’s own and especially when combined with a Chase checking account, Chase Sapphire or Ink Bold credit card.  I have all of the above but b.t.w. rest assured, I don't earn any commission from promoting credit cards or banks on this blog. I'm sharing these secrets just for the fun of it!

Alas I got the dreaded “we need more time to review your application” after hitting the submit button and received a letter yesterday to say I had been rejected due to “too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us” – boo hoo – how sad, too bad – maybe time to scale back on my credit card applications. The bonus offer got pulled within 24 hours so I first thought to myself, that I already have 5 credit cards with Chase so this was pushing it and I should just accept my fate.

The inner travel hacker in me wouldn’t lay down however, so I called the Chase reconsideration line on 888-245-0625 and quoted my rejection reference number and told the rep I was a long time (17 years) Chase customer and would like to be reconsidered for the card because I had never been late with a payment. The rep commented on my numerous open lines of credit and my recent application (2 months ago) for the United Explorer Card (where I got 50,000 points).  I reinforced my hope to get the Freedom credit card and my good credit track record.  The rep suggested I transfer some credit from my United card to the Freedom card so I agreed to transfer $6,800 of the $16,800 credit line and two minutes later I was approved.  Never say never - Never take no for an answer! Check out my credit card application tally here.

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