Sunday, 29 April 2012

Travel Hacking - Tip #9 - Audience Rewards

This hack is not going to get you a lot of points but is great for keeping accounts active and thus prevents your miles/points from expiring due to inactivity.  I lost 70,000 United points a few years ago by having no activity on my account.  That will never happen again. Some of the points from this hack can be used at to count as a US Airways Grand Slam hit (more about that in a future post)

Sign up for a new account at Audience Rewards which is a theatre rewards program
When your account is active - click on

- ‘Edit Profile’ 
- ‘Select Point Earning Preferences/Add New Partner’ – Edit
- Add New Partner Account to Profile

Current Partners include SPG, Delta, US Airways, Amtrak, Best Buy
You should add all of them

Every 7-10 days there is a quiz with 5 or 6 multiple choice questions which if answered correctly gets you a paltry 2 miles/points per correct answer.  Not a lot of points I know, but wait there’s more.  

The links to the questions and more importantly the answers are posted online by the most excellent travel hacker blogger InAcents. So add his blog to your rss reader and follow his links to get to the relevant landing page with questions and use his answers to get 100% of the points. If you do it right it should take no more than 60 seconds for 5 questions. You won’t become a mile millionaire this way but your larger nest egg of points will not expire due to inactivity and the points add up over time.

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