Saturday, 23 June 2012

Travel Hacking - Tip #19 – AMEX Small Business Promo

As I mentioned before American Express love to give away money.  Their latest offering is a variation on the Small Business Saturday deal.  If you live in or near Boston, Philadelphia or Chicago or will be travelling there on or before July 04th you can get a $10 statement credit (i.e. $10 for free!) by doing the following:

1. Register your AMEX card(s) at the relevant links below


2. Spend $10 at a one of these small businesses (enter a zip code)

Repeat the above steps for each AMEX card / authorized user to maximize the bonus  

If you don’t live near these cities you can still get in on the deal by finding a small business merchant on this list that satisfies 2 criteria

a.) Accepts online or phone orders
b.) The online or phone orders post to your AMEX account from the relevant city above (i.e. for Chicago it should be something like ACME Ltd, Chicago, IL - they must NOT use a third party outside the cities above)

According to the forums you can buy stuff to be shipped or even gift cards at some locations and it will qualify.  You typically get an email from AMEX immediately after registering and immediately after your purchase.  Here is one for Boston and one for Chicago. Still need one for Philadelphia so if you know of a merchant that works for any for these cities please leave a comment with the details below

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