Friday, 29 June 2012

Travel Hacking - Tip #21 - Free Premium TV including HBO / Showtime

When I lived in Hong Kong I was fortunate to live in a nice furnished apartment with a view of the spectacular harbour but unless I wanted to look out the window all the time my home entertainment options were limited because the TV selection was pretty awful.  I was completely dependent on the internet for catching up on the best shows.  I wrote about free TV a few years ago. Even though it’s improved since then and there are a few free options from the major US TV networks and plenty of subscription options like Hulu Plus and Netflix, they lack the selection of latest premium offerings from HBO and Showtime like Game of Thrones, True Blood and Dexter etc.

If you want free premium cable TV while you travel (or when at home...sshhh!) you can set it up in about 5 minutes by following these simple steps.

1. Install uTorrent (this does the grunt work of downloading media to your computer)
2. Install TED (this auto checks for your desired shows and adds them to your download queue)
3. Add to your browser bookmarks (this lists all the latest shows that are available so you can manually add shows to your download queue)
4. Signup for UKNova to get the latest TV from the UK / Ireland
5. Sit back and enjoy free premium TV shows on your computer or connect your pc to your TV so the whole family can watch

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