Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Travel Hacking - Tip #24 – Club Carlson Bonus Promo Loophole - Part 2 - sshhhH!

Following up from Part 1 – I was on the lookout for a better location that wouldn’t break the bank but would impress Mrs Paddy in BA and still score another 50K points.  The Radisson website was limited to a ‘petite room’ for $138 incl tax for their midtown Lexington Ave location with no options for a larger room or free perks like parking etc. 

The Radisson website also required a 2 night stay to secure a weekend e.g. Sat/Sunday.  A quick search on google showed this location specific website with a better deal at $156 incl tax for a standard room (although it was still small) including free parking (which we wanted since we were arriving by car and NY parking is $$$$).  Same day booking for same day stay on July 4th after the fireworks – spur of the moment romantic etc. 

Late checkout requested and granted until 1pm by simply asking and smiling and another 50K points have posted to my wifes account. (tip: always sign up a family member / your partner so you can double dip the bonus promos) – so far we now have 100K points from this promo and 100K points from the November 2011 promo = 4 nights at top tier $500+ per night hotels when we visit Europe later this year!  - WINNING!

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