Sunday, 21 October 2007

Mendoza & the Vino

We visited Mendoza a few years back so won't be stopping over there this time but if you like the ol' vino then this area is a must see. There are hundreds of wineries (called bodegas here) where you can sample the vino and I'd recommend rather than an organised tour of many bodegas that you hire a car (or a driver if you're planning to over indulge) and take your time to focus on one large winery like Norton and just a few small ones. The larger bodegas are well organized (some require you to book) but you get shuffled along like sheep whereas the smaller bodegas offer a more relaxing personalised experience and the quality is often better.
There's no better reward to a days tasting than uncorking that special malbec you discovered as you watch the sunset against the panoramic snow peaks in the distance.... ah tis' a hard life but someones got to live it!


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