Sunday, 7 October 2007

The Night of the Museums

Photo: Free Late Night Concert & DJ's

Late nights are the norm in Buenos Aires but here's a novel idea for a late night cultural experience. Once a year ( in either October or November) they give free access to almost all the museums. ( from 7pm to 2am.

There are also free concerts, jazz, rock, classical all over the city. To help you get to the various locations they have free buses. If going to museums sounds like it might be a bit dull for a weekend night, fear not, as they finish the whole thing off with a big late night party with bands and DJ’s. This happens down by the port (Puerto Madero) and goes till the wee hours (like 7 or 8am!!)

As we were heading home at 3:30am it was only starting to get going and the throngs of late night revellers were just beginning to arrive. See 2008 update here

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