Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Pool / Billiards

So its no secret I like an ol' game of pool n' a beer. There's a place called 'JOBS' located at Arenales y Agüero which has a few floors of tables and full on archery (yes I know archery and alcohol don't ususually go hand in hand) on the top floor and gets busiest on a Tuesday night (young crowd but I met the missus there on my first visit to B.A. many moons ago). However no better place in Buenos Aires than 'Calle 36 Billares' http://www.los36billares.com.ar/secciones/pool.htm in the centre of B.A. (Av. de Mayo 1265). It's over a hunded years old and has carom (pocketless) billiards, pool & snooker and stays open till the wee hours with a 'lock in' on weekends if your nice to the management. Waiter service for cheap beer tops off the quality of the place. Paradise found!


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