Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Termas Cacheuta and S.A. Syndrome

We arrived in Mendoza at 6am and there's a route north of Mendoza to Calingasta & Iglesia which is supposed to have spectacular scenery but despite asking around and internet research, I've been unable to find either public transport or a rental car to get us there. We're getting to the more remote parts of Argentina which means less facilities & less transport options but hopefully rewarding if we keep at it.
One of the problems with travelling is adapting to changes in diet which can often have negative side effects and this appears to have been the case after Chile. Without being too graphic, 'Squirt Alert' a.k.a.'Delhi Belly' hit hard so we decided to take it easy and chill out at the public hot springs in the isolated but scenic Cacheuta (mentioned in a previous post & 30kms south west) and make our way north back to touristy Mendoza in the evening when bowel stability had returned which was a good excuse for another big steak and a bottle of Malbec a.k.a. normal food.
Today we head to San Juan for the day and San Agustin de Ville Fertíl this evening which is the base for exploring two major national parks which many a guide book and local peeps rave about.


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